E Bike With Fat Tires

Zugo has come out with the best E Bike with fat tires on the market; the Rhino and Rhino step-thru electric bike are both exceptionally energy efficient and will allow you to travel up to 90 miles on a single battery charge when you select the long-range lithium battery. Take a look at specs for the Rhino when you visit Zugo online.


Ebikes are notorious for their energy-efficiency, but to date, nothing beats the Zugo Rhino for affordable cost and efficient travel on a single battery charge- up to 90 miles when you choose the Rhino Long Range. If you're looking for a better way to get around town, consider taking a closer look at Zugo Rhino's E fat bike.

Electric Bike

How can an electric bike help you save money month after month? Zugo has designed and created one of the most efficient ebikes on the market; Rhino is available in a classic frame style and a step-thru frame, able to take you up to 90 miles in distance on a single lithium battery charge. Nothing beats Zugo for efficiency.

Electric Step Through Bike

You'll enjoy a comfortable ride on the Zugo electric step through bike called the Rhino; its aluminum frame is lightweight and strong, with a lithium battery that offers exceptional efficiency. Travel up to 90 miles on a battery charge and go where you want, when you want, without having to fill up at the gap pump.

Electric Step Thru Bike

Check out the newest Electric step thru bike by Zugo when you're looking to go far on a single battery charge- 60 miles with our standard lithium battery or up to 90 miles with our super-charged lithium battery that is exceptionally efficient. Before you purchase an electric bike, take a few minutes to explore the new Zugo Electric Fat Bike.