Electric Bike

Do you wonder where the ebike gets its design? The design dates back to the 1800s, when the first bikes were of wooden materials. Bicycle designs are more modern now, with a couple having several futuristic qualities. Some of these designs are different because they carry heavy electronics and systems such as the electric bike.

Comparison between Rhino bikes

Step through bike


The step-through bike is the crossover between the step-over and low-step bike. It offers riders the ability to ride upright and provides the most comfortable option to mount and unmount by merely going over the curved frame. The step-through bike is ideal for fun rides and casual trips with optimal comfort and style.

Pros of the step-through bike

  • A significant benefit of the bike is that it is straightforward to use, and therefore suitable for elderly users.
  • The bike is best for shipping and dropping errands, hence suitable for carrying parcels.
  • The ebike is great for commuting to work with formal attire or a casual weekend with a dressy and sunny disposition.
  • The bike is easy to style with various accessories and attachments like water bottles and backpacks.

Cons of the step-through bike

  • The e-bike is generally thicker than the standard bike frame.
  • They appear less intense than the standard bike because they lack the front bar to secure the front.
  • The bike is heavy because it has heavier materials to accommodate different tasks.
  • The step-through bike is more suitable for users who want more speed than the traditional motorcycle.
  • It is rather dangerous to use the bike on hilly terrains without enough charge because you have to pedal it with your body strength. Therefore, the sensation will be shaky and challenging to secure.

Step over bike


The most popular bike frame for both the traditional and electric bike is the step over bike. The particular style is slightly different from the electric bike to carry the robust bike features. The step-over frame is a popular choice for professional users who know how to balance mountainous roads.

Cons of the step over bike

  • A significant benefit of the step over bicycle is its considerable longevity – It has a well-calculated geometry to last you thousands of miles with the recommended weight pressure.
  • The stepover bike works well in all kinds of terrains.
  • The bike can be slightly less bulky than the step-through bike because it has more diamond geometry materials.
  • The bike will easily reach the same speeds as the step-through bike and only varies as per the electric features' capabilities.


  • The bike is not the best for the first time user who wants to ride a rough terrain because it may be tough to balance the diamond frame.
  • You may need slightly different tires to ride in various conditions.

Which bike should you choose? There is no right or wrong bike because each one offers benefits and cons to match different applications. Contact us (1-888-375-0041) today to learn more about our electric bike options and shipping methods.