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Great product!

Great horn, I feel safe honking on the street because people can hear me!

Rhino Rear Rack
William S.

Rhino Rear Rack

Love it! I ride it to work on nice days & my coworkers like it. 2 are thinking about getting one.

love this bike

I used this bike every day after buying

Rhino Rear Rack
Charles J.
I love the rack just wish it was a little bit longer

Overall I love it

RHINO Step-Thru Fat Bike

Money well spent

Have had an absolute blast on this thing. Never really been a bike guy but the Zugo Rhino has kinda changed that. Great exercise for an old guy with a replaced knee. Wife wants one now!

Really great tires

Worked perfectly. Nice smooth ride. I ride every day. Love it

Love it!!!

i’m in love

i wake up each morning wondering where i’ll ride today. rather than jump in my jeep i take the zugo to the post office. just a couple miles each way but i find i can confidently out race the dogs that chase me each and every time. plus i’m getting the needed exercise for this 63 yr old body who hasn’t felt comfortable on a bike since i was 18 (and i’ve tried over the years). this bike is a godsend to us older folk who still want to look cool. thanks zugo!

Tree Donation
Chris J.
Donated for a good cause and a shot at a free bike

I love everything about this company. Socially responsible, environmentally friendly, and innovative - Zugo seems to get it and I want in!

Zugo supercharger

Works great, twice as fast as the 2 amp charger

So far so good

So far so good


I'm totally jacked after receiving my new bike. Got most of it assembled-had to put it on hold so I could get a toe clip for the right pedal. Unfortunately, it arrived just a few days b4 my second job started n I haven't had time to get back to it. Hopefully I'll get to ride it this weekend.

The Most Fun You Can Have On A Bike

Absolutely love my Zugo Rhino. Bought a rack for my truck and I’m on my way. New Jersey is blessed with a ton of scenic bike routes and I plan to hit ‘em all while venturing into other states as well. Easy to assemble, built to last and yes, very easy on the eyes, this bike is a blast. I do wish it had rear suspension and came with a mirror, and a bit more padding in the seat, but otherwise, a pure home run all around. Thrilled to be part of the Zugo tribe!

RHINO Electric Fat Bike

Awesome purchase

OMG, this bike is awesome. I would recommend this bike to anyone. Super easy to drive, I would have 2 people to build but it was not difficult. I am currently waiting on another bike for my wife.


Love it.. Thinking of getting street tires. Looking forward to putting some miles on it.

Love it

I use it more than my car and I love the alarm system.

Zugo Supercharger

If you ordered a Rhino or have one, the supercharger is the way to go. Less than half the time than the charger that comes with the bike.

Oh my wife loves it. Great bicycle. Great machine.

Oh my wife loves it. Great bicycle. Great machine.
Thank you so much. It’s an amazing machine. Love the wide tires. I wish that the bike could accommodate a taller person like myself at 6 foot three. But it’s OK. It’s amazing my wife loves it I have my own electric situation. The bike is great I wish the front forks were bigger or the front tire was bigger for a bigger person but it’s amazing and thank you so much we will recommend that you go to all of our friends

Great bike

The bike works great in Alaska on gravel roads etc.

Bad Ass

Love this bike! Its perfect for the city commute as well as getting a little dirt on the tires. On top of that, it attracts a ton of attention.

Rhino Rear Rack
Guillermo L.

Rhino Rear Rack

Mountain riding

My wife and I took our Zugo bikes on a ride on a dirt mountain road for our first ride!
They handled great
Pulled the hills fine
Could use a rear shock lol some of the ruts and washboard was a little hard on butt.
Over all extremely pleased!!!!