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Amazing bike lots of fun

I just love this bike can’t wait for warmer weather to get more use out of it

Zugo Rhino

Well it’s been 27 days since I received my bike I love it.
It has everything I need on this bike,from hydraulic brakes to the suspension shocks and the nice oversized head light love the motorcycle seat and the fat tires well there probably more I just can’t remember only flaw some of the pair shipping scratches way fix though . Still having fun like a65 year old kid again

Good Bicycle for Kids

I bought this bike for my 12 year-old. I think ZuGo quoted me a 4 week shipping time, but it got here much sooner. It was no more than two weeks. I watched the instruction video on YouTube before and during assembling the bike. Assembly was quick and virtually trouble free. One of the pedals wouldn’t thread so I took it to a local bike shop and they helped me. Once we got the bike put together it was apparent right away that the gears needed adjusting. We could make some of them work, but not all of them. They weren’t aligned or adjusted. That took another trip to the bike shop. When you buy an Ebike from an online retailer or direct marketer you’re on your own if there’s any problems. If you can’t fix it yourself your only option is taking it to a shop, and labor rates aren’t cheap.

We’ve had the bike for a few months now and it’s had no problems. I ordered a larger capacity battery when I purchased the bike. That just arrived. It has a much longer charge than the standard battery. The bike get’s ridden every day. The standard battery was fine. It needed to be charged every other day. I’m not sure how long the charge lasts on the longer life battery, I think ZuGo says 90 hours.

We’ve gone through one set of brake pads in about 3 months. The brakes on the bike are for a regular bicycle that probably weighs 30 to 40 pounds more than the RHINO. So if you’re riding the bike every day you can plan on replacing the pads every 3 to 5 months, and hopefully you can get the pads. The pads aren’t in stock at a lot of places due to the Covid pandemic.

My son is super happy with the bike, therefore I’m happy with it.


The best product is the battery and long life for my Electric bike

Rhino zugo

This bike it’s been a joy since I’ve got it and it’s been a pleasure with everything I want on it and it’s easy to maneuver other than a few dings and scratches when I got it no big deal it’s been an awesome bike I got 6 to 7 assess mode and make some bike more fun I’m glad I found this e-bike out of all the E bikes I looked at

Great still waiting for my alarm!!!!

4 hours to charge works great

4hours to charge works great

Awesome bike !

I think this is a great bike! No flaws and I already lost 7 lbs. I take it everywhere and it doesn’t disappoint!

Zugo bike

I'm happy with the bike except the bike seat already have hole in it and I just use it a couple times.

Check out my box

Got this bad boy on Amazon and it fits perfectly.

Still loving my Rhino!!


Have the tires haven’t used them yet in my basement.

Nice, small rack

Strong and sturdy



Well made fun to ride

The bike appears to be well made. Assembly was easy with parts and holes aligning well. The bike is smooth and fun to ride

Very satisfied with the bike & delivered on time.

Love the bike & really happy it was delivered on time as indicated. 👍

Hubby’s Christmas gift

Best gift of the year! Easy to put together. Fast!! Sleek and so fun to ride. Now I’m going to get one for me!

ZuGo Siren Alarm w/ Wireless Remote


So for happy

Love my ZUGO BIKE winter came before i could do much riding but it was worth the wait its been fun to ride and is well built looks nice , Good Quality ! Service has been great you actually talk to a person when you call if you leave a message they call you back !!

Love it

Although it’s pretty cold these days, I still get on and ride all over. It’s my daily commute to work!

Best Horn

Perfect . Awesome bike Horn

100% recommended. Amazing ebike very fast and reliable!

Great horn

Awesome product .
Alarm and horn in one .

One of the best purchases of 2020

I've been trying to become a bit more carbon neutral, and find ways to exercise during the Covid Era. This bike has been the answer to that. It is exactly what I needed. It's economical enough to get around my town, hefty enough to not feel like it'll break or bend if I somehow screw up riding, and comfortable enough to have two people ride (the foot pegs are great!).

Battery life is fantastic as well. I've had it for a month, and only had to charge it twice. The speed is good, and unlocking stage 3 makes a difference. The readout is clear, non-intrusive, and easy to understand at a glance.

Two small compaints, and I wouldn't even call them that, is that 1) the handlebars are a bit thick, which means I need to consider which accessories will work with them, such as a standard handlebar mirror. I now need to get one that is longer than usual, as it's harder to mount vs a regular bike. and 2) the front fender does tend to get loose during riding, which makes a sound like it's hitting the wheel. That said, those are small issues that can be fixed with a little ingenuity.

This is a hell of a bike. I'm so glad that I purchased it, and I can tell that i'm going to get a lot of use out of it. Living in a city that is very much commuter based, it'll be a big help. Hell, it even did reasonably well with a bit of slush on the ground after it snowed. The fat tires definitely help with stability. I've not taken it off-road yet, but i'm excited to!