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Having a blast

Best thing I bought this year!!!

Rhino Rear Rack

Truly T2 Pro XTR 2

Excellent bike rack it holds two Zugo bikes with no problem easy to put together easy to load the bikes on recommended worth the price can’t go wrong with it

Thule T2 Classic
Robert s.
Truly T2 Pro bike rack

No questions asked this is probably the best bike rack out there it holds both Zugo bikes with no problem easy to put on an easy to operate Worth the money

Happy in West Virginia

Great product, makes me happier than a pack of ratcoons in a corn field.

Rhino Phone Holder

ZuGo Supercharger
Matthew B.
I have only had to use it once so far

Works good 👍🏼

Zugo rhino

So far I love it wish you had covers and wheel lights

Great product

Excellent ebike!

The Most comfortable bike PERIOD.

Had my ZuGo Rhino for a few weeks now. It was extremely easy to put together. Currently have around 40 miles on it. I can honestly say this E-bike is amazing if you are using it for exercise or just for getting around town. Sometimes I forget I’m riding a bike because the seat is so comfortable. Also if you have the money I would suggest opting for the bigger battery once again I have 40 miles on it and the battery is still going strong This is my first E-bike from ZuGo but my wife now wants one so it won’t be my last


This ride has surpassed my expectations and then some. The step thru provides and fuild and stylish way of getting onto our ride and heading out. Miles are on point, comfort is great, and design is amazing. A big pat on the back for this purchase.

Awesome service

Products are great

Rhino Rear Rack

Rhino Rear Rack
Donald S.
Very good products

Recommend this product…good quality product


These bikes have given our family an opportunity to ride together that we wouldn’t have had before. Some people have commented that they are expensive, and while they aren’t cheap, they offer an experience that will last lifetimes for some people. If you enjoy the outdoors and have limitations that don’t allow you to experience those things, these bikes will. They are built with quality and thought through for many types of riders. Our only regret is that we didn’t purchase them sooner. Thank you so much!!

ZuGo Siren Alarm & Horn w/ Wireless Remote

Super charge it

Great ZuGo supercharger . You want fast and fully charged get this one .

These tires are crafted to perfection!

Wooooooooo! as the great Ric Flair put it.
These tires are amazing got the nobby rhinos and they do not disappoint

So far I love it wish you had covers and wheel lights

Great Charger For ZuGo

I would definitely recommend the Supercharger if you’re a person on the go. Who wants to wait around for their battery to charge. Get going faster with this rapid charger. :)

Much Quieter Tires

I went from the original RadRunner off-road tires to these slightly wider street tires. These tire are so much quieter & have less rolling resistance. Since I mainly ride on streets, this was a great choice!

The bike is awesome

Great tires

Really like the way these tires feel. Smooth, great ride.

Feels like a Harley

With the updated processor and the new buttery and with the pedal assistant definitely give you a buzz .

Touring Austin with Rooster

This tour was absolutely amazing! It was my first time in Austin and he made it a trip to remember. All of the views and scenery plus showing us only things locals would know about really made it great! I will definitely be back for another tour sometime in the future.