(Applicable only to bikes sold and delivered to the continental USA, Alaska and Hawaii)

1 Year Warranty:

At ZuGo Bike, we stand behind our product quality with a 1 year manufacturer warranty. All bikes will be free from defects in material and workmanship. These components include, frame, handlebar, forks, freewheel, lights, derailleur, brakes, throttle, controller, bottom bracket, LCD display, kickstand, shifter, motor, saddle, wiring harness, reflectors, rims, hardware, wheel hub, and pedals.

Our warranty does not cover labor costs and only applies to parts shipped from ZUGO Bike. Customers are expected to handle maintenance and repairs, with guidance and instructions provided by ZUGO Bike as needed. By purchasing our bike, customers agree to abide by this warranty program.

All parts being replaced under our warranty program must be returned to ZuGo Bike within 10 business days. If the items are not returned, the customer warranty will be voided pending return of said item/s.

This policy is non-negotiable.

Not Covered by the Warranty:

Wear and tear is not covered under warranty for components. Nor does it include normal wear and tear parts such as brake pads, tires, tubes, housing and cables, chain, spokes and grips.

Battery Warranty:

Batteries are warranted for a 1 year period from the date of original purchase. Warranty doesn’t include damage from power surges, improper maintenance, improper use of charger, water damage or other such misuse, including normal wear.  

If a battery replacement is needed under our 1 year warranty terms, we will be requesting a mandatory $400 deposit to ensure the warrantied battery will be returned to our warehouse. Your deposit will be returned once we receive your return.

Submission for Warranty Replacements:

ZuGo BIKE will review all warranty replacement parts after a photo and/or video has been submitted by first original owner. If third party replaces a part or services the bike without our approval first we will not pay for the costs unless previously discussed in writing.

Warranty is not transferable in any way. We will not offer warranty service to anyone other than the original retail buyer. Any parts damaged by the user are not covered by the warranty.

Any alteration of a ZUGO BIKE’s components will void your warranty.

Proof of purchase is necessary to verify your warranty. Contact Info@zugo.bike if you need assistance.

Third Party Sellers:

ZUGO BIKE is the only retailer of ZUGO BIKE products. Any third party claiming to sell ZUGO BIKE, a similar frame, look, style, is a copy/fake. We only guarantee the quality, durability and safety of your ZUGO BIKE purchase directly through our website ZUGOBIKE.COM  


Inspect your ZUGO BIKE shipment immediately for any damage. Inspect your bike before the driver takes off. Do not sign-off on the shipment unless you are positive no damage has occurred. This will help with shipping damage claims and speed up the process. Take photos and video of any damage, and date the images if possible. Keep all packaging and paperwork until the inspection has been completed. All damage reports must be submitted within 10 days of delivery to ZUGO BIKE customer service representatives. Contact info@zugo.bike for return or replacement instructions.

Bike Performance:

Bike range varies from many contributing factors such as payload, terrain, temperature, age of battery and level of assist. Greater than expected maximum range or less than expected range will vary with all accounted variables.

Warranty Period:

  • New Bike Guarantee - we offer full replacement of defective parts with free shipping in the US within the first 30 days of your bike order. After 30 days the customer is responsible for all return shipping costs to ZUGO. ZUGO BIKE will pay for shipping to the customer only.
  • For all PRODUCTS, this warranty expires 1-year from the date the PRODUCTS were delivered to the BUYER unless excluded from warranty or otherwise voided from coverage under warranty
  • Mechanical components are covered by a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects.
  • Bicycle frames are covered by a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects.
  • Battery packs are covered for a period of 1-year on manufacturer defects only. We DO NOT cover wear and tear or USAGE on your battery.
  • Other electronic components are covered under warranty for a period of 1-year from the date of purchase