12 Outdoor Activities Your Ebike Can Turn Into An Adventure

So you have your ZuGo e-bike and you are ready for an adventure. Now what?

The good news is there are numerous outdoor adventures for the taking. But that much choice can be a bit overwhelming. To get you started, here are 12 options to let you start blazing new trails. 


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  • Family bike Time                                                                                                               
  • Family meals                                                                                                 
  • Dating by pedal                                                                                 
  • Friendly ride                                                                                               
  • Destination Adventures                                                                                             
  • Follow the path                                                                                                           
  • Park it                                                                                                                           
  • Wild Refuges
  • Making the conventional unconventional                                                                     
  • Getting to work with a smile on
  • Riding errands

Connecting adventurously

Family bike time

In many ways, e-bikes are a great equalizer. Let’s face it, we’re not all on the same playing field when it comes to fitness: some of us are tall, some short; some young, some old; some fit, some not-so-fit.

It can be hard to take a group bike ride together, especially with family, where no one feels sad about being left or frustrated about having to go so much slower. Why do something supposedly fun that only leaves us all disappointed?

E-bikes can be the solution to that age-old struggle. The kids can keep up with ease. The parents don’t have to reign in their considerably stronger pedaling power as much. Older relatives can come along too, free to move at a pace that doesn’t tax their stamina.

Family meals

Destinations become easier to reach as well. Family meals outdoors in beautiful places often involve a delicate trick of logistics, between finding a special place and figuring out how to get there.

With an e-bike, you can head out together, saddlebags and baskets packed for mealtime, and just search until you find a spot that you all love.

If that kind of spontaneity is a bit too much for you, that’s ok, too. Even if you’re more of a planner, e-bikes give you more options and less hassle. Go farther than you could on foot or with a conventional bike. Head to places that driving to reach used to feel like far more trouble than they were worth.

Dating by pedal

Family activities aren’t the only activities that e-bikes can introduce adventure to. You may find your dating life gets a shot in the arm too.

You can enjoy new places. You and your date can discover new ways to reach old places. You’ll both have freedom from traditional hassles like traffic and parking.

Whether you crave a night that puts you and your date in the center of a big event or lets you get close in some faraway beautiful place, the e-bike makes it possible and fun.

A friendly ride

The more complicated life gets, the harder it is to see friends. Coordinating schedules, finding locations, satisfying everyone’s budgetary restrictions--it can all seem too much at times.

In addition to making the mundane more fun, the e-bike can make the complex simpler. It doesn’t just bring adventure to the familiar, it makes adventures easier to realize.

With e-bikes, meeting up gets easier than ever. Moreover, there is no need to just choose one spot to be all night. Meet at a park and, when people feel ready, ride over to the local barcade. Maybe hunger sets in first and it's off to the taqueria uptown.

With the speed and flexibility offered by e-bikes, the only limitations on having adventures with friends will be getting to agree which of the bars downtown has better live music.

Destination adventures

Follow the path

Once you have your e-bike, you’ll start to realize there are all kinds of bike paths you’ve never even realized were close by.

Plus, thanks to the engines, you’ll be able to go even further on the paths you did know about, opening you up to all manner of new sights.

You probably know the main streets of your town like the back of your hand. Time to map out the thrills of the undiscovered bike paths that run near and over those streets.

Park it

State and National Parks remain incredible gifts, sections of nature carved out for our appreciation that we can enjoy day-in, day-out all year round.

As with bike paths, visiting a Park with an e-bike lets you experience things in different ways. You can go deeper into the park, visit places you have never seen before.

You can cover more ground quickly, appreciating more of the park than you might have time for on foot. You won’t necessarily have to make hard choices about whether you want to visit the waterfall or the geyser today. You have the speed to see both.

Wildlife Refuges

As e-bikes grow in popularity, wildlife refuges have begun to shift to become more accepting of them. Places that even a few years earlier were not allowing e-bikes have begun to offer admittance and specific paths to take.

This means that not only will you get a chance to enjoy an incredible place in nature full of amazing animals, you might also be a trailblazer of sorts. Amongst the first to appreciate the wildlife refuge on an e-bike.

The Beach

It’s a classic for a reason. Nearly everyone can find something to enjoy at the beach. Visiting them is usually an adventure all on its own. Whether it is swimming, building sandcastles, throwing a ball around, or just catching up with friends, good times await.

The e-bike just adds to that, making sure you have an adventure getting there and coming back too.

Making the conventional unconventional

Getting to work with a smile on

One of the undeniable benefits of the e-bike is how it can introduce a spark into the everyday. The activities you have come to take for granted or perhaps even dreaded get a new kick when done with an e-bike.

Take that daily commute. By now, you could probably do it in your sleep. Often, it might even feel like you have. One moment, you were climbing into your car, the next, you were sitting at your desk. You barely remember how you got there.

Public transportation, walking, and standard bike riding might not be as easy to do on autopilot, but they offer their unpleasantries. The crush of other people, the discomfort of arriving to work sweating.

An e-bike gives you the best aspects of all the rest of those modes of transportation and none of the downsides. You can avoid traffic, get exercise, and arrive to work feeling chipper and as fresh as when you left the house.

Plus exploring a familiar route in a new way lets you see things you might otherwise miss, connect to new people, and re-appreciate what might have just become the background of your life.

Riding errands

Next to the work commute, running errands is probably the biggest repetitive action we all engage in. When was the last time you woke up excited to criss-cross your town picking up groceries, a new tool, and drop off some dry cleaning? A long while? Maybe never?

Again, the e-bike introduces a new freshness into the mundane. Try new routes, avoid the familiar, and still get things done. Weekend traffic becomes a thing of the past. The grind of the list recedes into the rearview.

There’s no better way to spend your weekend than getting down what you need to do and enjoying every rotation of your pedals.

Exploring your neighborhood

You live there but often that’s about it. Your block, your neighborhood, your town no longer holds any secrets. There exist no more chances for adventure.

Except, you’ve never been done this sidestreet before because it always seemed like a waste of time. You could finally visit that town park that always felt like too much of a hassle to drive to and find parking at. Who knew how good Main Street smelled when you weren’t stuck behind the wheel, enclosed in a car?

Being on an e-bike frees you to chart new paths in familiar places. You can explore the places you think you’ve been to before with new eyes. Slow enough to appreciate it, but fast enough to make for an efficient day.

A hilly day

We’ve all arranged our bike rides or runs so that we avoid brutal hills every once in a blue moon. Or taking a left and going a different route because we just feel too tired to even attempt that incline. There’s no shame in it.

Hills can be lots of fun, though. It makes sense to give our bodies a break, but it would also be very cool to get to the top and see what things look like from up there. And enjoy the ride down, the sensation of speed assisted by gravity.

The adventures offered by hills that can seem too difficult to mount with a traditional bike or on foot are no problem for an e-bike. You can get exercise, experience the world from that high, and thrill to the downhill rush with the assistance of a motor to make sure none of it proves too taxing.

The world awaits

As you can see, the e-bike offers adventures right outside your door, across town, and in parks, on beaches, and amongst the wildlife. And with the ZuGo Rhino, we might just be able to take you on those adventures.