Should I Buy an Electric Dirt Bike for My Teenager?

Should I Buy an Electric Dirt Bike for My Teenager?

Getting your teenager involved in an outdoor sport or helping them find a passion outside of the home is particularly difficult these days. With the allure of smartphones, gaming systems, social media, and television, prying them away from the screens can be an arduous task. Bike riding is a great pastime, and if you want your child to interact with nature, maybe it is time to start shopping for an electric dirt bike for teenagers. Before you go online and buy the first bike you see, you should consider several factors. You have options, and you can get something customized to provide a great experience with maximum safety. Consider the tips in this article to find the right kind of bike for your teenager.


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What Do You Need To Know About Your Teen Before Buying?

Dirt bikes are much more sophisticated and of better quality for teens who are 14 or older than bikes for younger children. They have more power and torque and better endurance. If your child is already experienced on the track by 14, they should have mastered the smaller bikes. However, that does not mean that you cannot find a bike for teens with less experience. You know your child and their abilities.

As you start searching for the right dirt bike, consider these three main characteristics of your child that measure suitability.

  • Weight directly affects suspension. For example, a young adult weighing around 150 pounds would need an engine around 250 cubic centimeters or less. For bigger kids there are bikes with engines up to 450 ccs, which would be more appropriate and provide enough suspension to ride comfortably.
  • Height plays a significant role in overall safety. The best way to test your children’s height is to have them sit forward on the bike and see where their feet fall. The ideal position would be with one-third of the foot on the ground. If their foot is flat on the ground, it will strain the bike's suspensions, and being on the tips of their toes creates an imbalance, making the bike difficult to control.
  • Experience is an essential factor. A beginner needs a bike with automatic clutches. A more experienced rider can handle an advanced bike.

Assess your teenager's experience level first. Watch them ride and talk to professionals about proper safety precautions.

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What Factors Should You Consider Before Buying an Electric Dirt Bike?

As a parent, you are probably thinking more about safety and speed. How fast can the dirt bike go? A 48-volt e-bike can reach speeds of 16 mph. What is the proper safety gear for riders? These are excellent questions, but there is more to think about. Consider the below factors to ensure that you understand the specs of the bike you purchase.

The Aesthetics: Color and Style

The bike's aesthetics are where your teen will likely be the most opinionated. Dirt bikes come in various colors, styles, and shapes, and if you can’t find one with the right specs in the style they want, you can always have one customized. Talk to your child about their color preferences before you even start looking. Buying an electric bike is a significant investment; you will want to get it right the first time.

Type of Motor and Power

Dirt bikes come in two- and four-stroke engines. For smoother acceleration, a four-stroke engine is best. Coupled with a lightweight bike, you will have something with a little less power, which is safer for younger riders.

Wheel Size

Electric bikes have different wheel sizes to accommodate their intended uses. For example, fat tire electric bikes are great for riders who adventure onto many different terrains. Small wheels are standard on a dirt bike; they make turning easier. However, bigger wheels do not dent as easily and make bikes taller.

Transmission and Starter Systems

Your child’s level of experience is a great way to judge which transmission system is needed. An automatic bike is the most popular because it changes gears without assistance. A manual shifting system might be too advanced for a beginner. There are semi-automatic options as well.

Electric start engines are the basic starter systems for beginners. They have a push-to-start button and are easy to maintain. Kick starters are also popular, but they are best suited for more experienced riders.

Seat Height

Finding the proper seat height depends on how tall your child is. As previously mentioned, sitting on the bike is the best way to judge. Age is not a reliable deciding factor. Kids are all shapes and sizes, and exact measurements are the best way to find the right seat height.


Budget is also an important factor. If your child is a beginner, you probably want to go with a more basic bike that will be less expensive. More features generally mean a price increase. However, it is often better to spend a little bit more on a e-bike with a better reputation and build than simply go with the cheapest.


Why Should You Allow Your Teen on an Electric Dirt Bike?

As you dig deeper into your search for the right bike, you should find that your safety concerns are eased. An electric dirt bike for teens is designed with their safety and skill levels in mind. Additionally, you can find bikes with limited throttle capabilities and easy dial-down.

This is an opportunity to teach your teenagers about responsibility. They learn the importance of monitoring their safety and maintaining valuable pieces of equipment. It is also a great way to spend time together and get exercise. Riding engages several muscles and practices balance. For more information about the benefits of electric bikes, contact the experts at ZuGo Bike.