Electric Step Thru Bike

An electric bike is a standard bicycle with a motor to boost the pedal motion. It has regular cycling power and has considerable benefits in comparison to the standard bike. The electric step-thru bike is not a new concept but has amassed massive popularity in the last couple of decades. The total sales between 2014 and 2018 currently stand at $5.9 billion in the USA alone.

Reasons to buy our step-thru bike.


One needs to understand the basic structure of the electric bikes with step-through frames. The best electric bikes do not have the necessary two mainframes of a regular cycle. The single main triangle has the following features:

  • Seat tube
  • Down tube
  • Top tube
  • Headtube

The bike’s structure makes it suitable as a utility bike because of the thick and robust tubing.

Variable usage

The electric city bike was the original design for transporting and delivering goods. The rider does not have to struggle to get on and off the bike for repetitive pick-ups and drop-offs. The modern design is popular among women who want to enjoy a ride without hurdling over the middle section.

The step-thru bike is better than the step over the bike because it makes it easy to ride while maintaining decency. Older adults can quickly and smoothly get on and off frequently without risking injuries and mobility impairments. The bike has a favorably low height and works the same for both tall and shorter people.


The step-thru bicycle is suitable for enthusiasts who enjoy challenges and professional competitions. You can quickly tip over the bike when you lose balance or get entangled in an accident scene.

Most people who buy electric bikes enjoy their convenience for errands or work. They work smoothly in heavy weather such as winter. You can use the bike to tackle snowy conditions with special tires, gears, and personal gear. The extra boost of speed and safety makes one fearless in riding on rough and steep terrains.


The electric step-thru bike has significant advantages over the traditional cycle when looking to maintain timeliness. The extra power compares to a scooter; hence business owners can use them to deliver products across town at the legal speed limit.

The natural speed is achievable throughout the day because the bike maintains efficiency and charge for long durations. The bike is conveniently easy to charge and will have at least 50% of the charge within only two hours. The low discharge rate is perfect for winter rides when you may be a little slower on slippery surfaces.

Easy control

Displays are the standard of advanced gadgets in today’s world. Our display tells you everything about the performance, charge, and other features, so you do not have to depend on manual transmissions.

The metal frame offers a firm grip and full control by the fingertips. The handlebars meet the ergonomic standards for both hobbyists and professional riders. Contact us now (1-888-375-0041) if you want step-through e-bikes to suit every aspect of your life at reasonable prices.