Austin based ZuGo Bike and Austin Energy Offer Rebate

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E-Bike demand in America soared 121% in 2020 and is on track in 2021 to dwarf the record-setting numbers for last year! 

ZuGo Bike, an Austin, Texas, based supplier of innovative electric bicycles founded in 2019 is an Austin Energy approved dealership whose customers qualify for a rebate up to $300 provided they are also customers of Austin Energy.

The rebate, reimbursed by Austin Energy, lowers the total cost of investing in energy-efficient e-bike use as a sustainable mode of transportation. While also encouraging the Austin community to spend even more time outdoors in a fun, healthy and wholesome activity. This means that the rechargeable battery that powers the electric motor is given great importance, as the Lithium-ion battery capacity offers a certain level of energy efficiency to the e-bike rider.

“There are customers from all over the area who use their electric motor-powered bike for recreation, but also as a green means of transportation to and from work,” explained Brian Robbins, head bike expert for the local e-bike company ZuGo Bike.  “The rebate from Austin Energy makes the ride more accessible to more people in the community and that is a great way to increase the health of our city.”

To find out more about the Austin Energy rebate and to test ride an electric bike, visit ZuGo Bike at 1114 W. 5th Avenue in downtown Austin.



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