Is the Step-Thru Rhino the Best Electric Bike for Kids?

Twenty-two states in the U.S. have no age requirements when it comes to riding an e-bike. Of the 28 that do have age restrictions, only one (Maine) requires e-bike riders to be over the age of 16. This means that in 49 states in America, you can ride an e-bike before you can get a driver’s license.

That said, we at ZuGo recommend that you don’t use one of our bikes until you’re at least 18 years of age.

Even so, young adults of appropriate recommended age can easily benefit from the joys of an e-bike.

Whether for exercise, adventure, or simply to get to another location in a fast, environmentally friendly way, e-bikes present great opportunities for family bonding.

Once you realize what a great addition an e-bike can be to the life of a young adult, the question quickly becomes, ”which one makes the most sense?” We humbly submit that the Rhino Step-Thru is the answer to that question. Here’s why.


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It’s easy to use for younger riders

While our two variants of the Rhino are both fantastic first e-bikes for first-time riders, the Step-Thru is especially solid for beginners.

It’s easier to mount and dismount (especially for younger riders who aren’t quite as tall), which makes the barrier to entry a lot lighter.

For most young riders, convenience and comfort is a major factor in the kind of bike they choose: compared to the step-over Rhino, our Step-Thru variety is far more attuned to younger riders who just want to hop on their bike and see their friends, or pop down to the store or school.

It lasts a long time

ZuGo Bikes are also durable, which makes it fantastic for parents looking to buy their teenagers or young adults their first e-bike (or young adults looking to buy it themselves).

With ZuGo’s water and dust-proof electronics and connectors, you can be sure the bike’s structure and mechanics won’t break down easily, even when taking it off-road. For a lot of young riders who want to break out on their own and have a little adventure, the Step-Thru Rhino helps ensure they can do that safely.

ZuGo’s range of accessories like replacement tires and inner tubes also offer ways of keeping the bike usable for the long haul.

It’s a powerful, high quality bike

ZuGo has made sure that the Step-Thru is every bit as good an e-bike as the standard Rhino. This isn’t a case of a lesser version for the younger set. The same attention to detail and top-quality parts that make the Rhino so appealing are replicated in the Step-Thru.

For example, both utilize one of two batteries, depending on user preference. The standard offers 30-60 miles of electric pedal assistance and the long-range option raises it to between 50 and 90 miles.

This holds for both bikes because the Rhino and the Step-Thru employ the same hardware. Both use Hydraulic Brakes with class-leading 2-Piston stopping force. Both have 7 levels of pedal assistance and a thumb-operated full-throttle.

Both feature the same soft extra-long seats to keep you comfortable no matter how long or challenging your ride. Heck, both boast the same cup holder and USB port!

It’s extremely safe

Of course, for e-bike riders of all ages, safety is paramount. ZuGo knows this and takes it seriously. You can see it throughout its construction.

To begin with, there are the aforementioned hydraulic brakes. On trails and roads, there will always be surprises. Nothing makes sure a surprise doesn’t turn into something worse like a pair of quality, responsive brakes..

Aluminum fenders provide additional protection for the times when even excellent brakes cannot prevent the rider from making an impact with something or someone else and keep our riders from getting soaked when the weather turns

The double-wall rims limit the possibility of popped tires and they spread the weight of the e-bike and rider more effectively than single-wall rims. When it comes to e-bikes with fat tires, this proves incredibly important as even weight distribution adds stability and increased rider safety.

The 1200-lumen headlight can aid a rider in many circumstances. Night riding, of course, stands out as the most obvious example, but it certainly won’t be the only one.

Unexpected or unavoidable storms will seem more manageable when you know the headlight helps the kid see and makes them noticeable to others. Depending on tree cover, trails might get surprisingly dark, especially on overcast days or as the sun goes down.

Whatever the cause, the headlight will provide the further possibility of safe passage and our headlights are angled to illuminate the road while not blinding cars, pedestrians or other bicyclists.

Finally, there’s the built-in USB phone charger on the handlebars. For a kid who may be gaining increasing freedom as they grow older, this will be a tremendous asset. It’ll make sure that your kid has a fully charged phone on hand, which will give you great peace of mind and give your kid a means of communication if they have issues or get lost.

In this way, the Step-Thru can provide safety and the means for a kid to start developing a sense of independence. A winning situation all around.

It opens up your social life

Speaking of independence, giving your young adult an e-bike will give them what every teen craves most: a means to get around and see their friends whenever they want.

With an e-bike, even friends who live miles away become reachable in a way they wouldn’t be with a traditional bike. Any hills, rocky trails, or unpaved dirt roads in between become similarly easy to manage.

What’s more, young riders can take their bike-less friends along for the ride, thanks to the Step-Thru’s passenger footpegs. This way, even more people can experience the fun of an e-bike -- and make memories that will last a lifetime.

It can be your first big lesson in budgeting

E-bikes are fun, but they can be an investment for a family. The ZuGo Rhino, in both the standard and Step-Thru Fat Bike varieties, clocks in at around $1,999. That’s a great price point for an e-bike, especially given its quality, but it can still be a big first purchase for most first riders.

However, parents with teenagers who want an e-bike can use the bike as a means to teach them about budgets and the responsibility of paying bills and even give them transportation that will aid in securing employment

An e-bike isn’t a home or a car, of course. But it can be a great, low-stakes way to introduce your child to those ideas.

Step-Thru as a great first step

More than anything, though, the Step-Thru Rhino is just a great bike for first-time riders of any age. Between its safety features, durability, and price point, not to mention the convenience and comfort of its step-thru design, the Rhino is a fantastic way to start your e-bike journey.

If you’re a young rider looking for your first taste of adventure, or parents of a child who wants to start their e-bike journey, consider making the Rhino your first choice. Chances are, you’ll stick with it for years to come.