ZuGo Siren Alarm & Horn w/ Wireless Remote
ZuGo Siren Alarm & Horn w/ Wireless Remote - ZuGo Bike

ZuGo Siren

Alarm & Horn w/ Wireless Remote

Sound the alarm to protect yourself and your electric bike

If you ride your ZuGo Bike to work or school every day, you should get your hands on ZuGo Siren. All it takes is to push a button, and your ZuGo Siren is instantly armed or disarmed. Cool right? Oh, and it's compatible with all other bikes too!

When your bike is armed, a simple vibration or movement triggers the loud 118dB alarm, drawing your attention and scaring off potential thieves or any suspicious-looking randos.

It lets you ride safer in traffic because it's also a horn! While our bike bell is great for alerting pedestrians and other riders, the horn is especially useful in noisier environments and when riding around motor vehicles.

It also makes it very simple to locate your e-bike among the sea of parked e-bikes; simply press the button to activate the siren, and the blast will make your bike stand out like a sore thumb.

Now you can better enjoy your coffee stops and errands while your ZuGo sits outside under the sun, armed and ready to blast anytime.

  • IP67 water & dust resistant
  • Compatible with all bikes
  • Horn mounts directly onto the headtube
  • Soft push-button to activate horn (handlebar mounted)
  • Triggered by movement or bumping
  • ZuGo siren alerts you when batteries are low

Technical Specs:

  • Anodized Aluminum Body
  • USB Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • (2) Wireless Remotes Included (30-meter range)
  • 118 dBA Alarm Sound

    User Manual: 

    Check out our installation guide, here

    What's in the box?

    • 1x ZuGo Siren Alarm
    • 1x USB charging cable
    • 2x mounting spacers
    • 2x wireless remote controls
    • 1x thumb screw for mounting
    • 1x anti-skid piece


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