The Ultimate Guide to ZuGo Handlebar Mirror Installation

Ride Safe with ZuGo Mirror


Install the mirrors in the best possible mounting position by following three simple steps. Cutting grips is an age-old activity practiced by bike enthusiasts, and we'll show you how simple it can be.

1. Remove Grip

ZuGo Rhino has a "zig-zag" single clamp bar grip**. Use a 3mm Allen wrench to loosen the clamp. Once the clamp is loose, pull off the grip and bar end by firmly holding the grip and pulling away from the middle of the bike. The bar end should pop out with the grip.

2. Cut Grip

Find the side of the grip that is all rubber and does not have the tabs for the clamp. Locate the middle of the first "zig" in the zig-zags, about 12mm of grip. Take your favorite, reasonably sharp household scissors and cut to that point we just identified. It's okay if it doesn't cut cleanly in one cut; try to clean up the edges, which will end up pressed against the mirror.

3. Slide On Mirror and Grip

Loosen the bottom bolt for the clamp to go onto the bars using the 4mm Allen key. Slide the clamp onto the bare handlebar and properly orient it, then slide the grip on with the cut side facing the mirror. Press the grip firmly up against the clasp of the mirror, and reapply the lock-on and bar end. Tighten down the two bolts, adjust the mirror, and tighten to preference.

**If your ZuGo Rhino has the two-clamp "Lines" styled grips, you will not be able to cut them. Please follow additional steps if this is the case.


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