5 Reasons Why ZuGo Bike Will Enhance Your RV Life

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The bundle includes all you will need for your travels, including 1 Rear Rack, 1 Phone Holder, and 2 Inner Tubes.


Older adults want better portable transportation.

RV trips are popular for older travelers who want a comfortable cross-country experience. An e-bike will provide safe transportation for RV travelers, no matter their fitness ability.

Electric bikes are more suitable for adventures and exploration.

Having the backup of the battery and pedal assist will allow you to travel farther, which is perfect for trail riding and exploration. The fat tires allow you to travel off-road with added balance and control. If you enjoy riding regular bikes or motorcycles, an electric bike will definitely be a fun, worthwhile investment for you.


You can't travel 80 miles on foot.

ZuGo Bikes can run for up to 80 miles on a single charge. That beats all other e-bikes on the market! A ZuGo Bike will allow you to see more in less time and get more from your RV adventure.


Enhance your RV trip by going the extra mile with all-terrain fat tires.

Riding a ZuGo Bike allows you to go off-road and ride multiple terrains. The combination of fat tires and powerful motor makes our bikes suited for sand, snow, water, or mud. ZuGo Bike is the perfect addition to your RV trip, with the option of riding on roads, beaches, and trails.


Our electric bikes provide maximum comfort for a better riding experience.

ZuGo Bikes are designed to make your ride as comfortable as possible for all ages. Each bike comes with a soft, extra-long seat, making your ride much more enjoyable. The fat tires absorb more vibration when riding, putting less stress on your hands and lower back.


Pay with Klarna

Klarna allows you to split up your payments into easy, monthly installments. Get the ZuGo Bike you want with flexible financing.


Maximum Durability & Quality

Our bikes feature hydraulic brakes, large platform aluminum pedals, an extra-long seat, and all-terrain fat tires with high-quality safety features. We want you to get the most out of your ZuGo bike, so we provide you with the best quality to maximize your riding comfort and keep you safe at the same time.

21 Ah Battery

The 21 Ah removable battery allows you to ride up to 90 miles on just one charge. The ability to go on long-distance rides is perfect for giving you the adventurous thrill you're looking for. An electric bike allows you to explore as you would on your motorcycle, but from a much safer bike.

750 Watt Motor

With the 750 watt motor, our ZuGo Rhino electric bike goes up to 28 miles per hour, perfect for a travel adventure or a leisure ride. ZuGo Bikes allow you to travel using any of our three riding modes: pedal-only, pedal-assist, or throttle-only. You can choose the perfect speed option to ride fast while maintaining a safe speed.

1 Rear Rack
1 Phone Holder
2 Inner Tubes
 ZuGo Rhino Electric Fat Bike - Red

Review by

Jimmy Reyes

“Exceeded My Expectations”

"Even though I researched ZuGo Bikes extensively online and compared it with other e-bikes, ZuGo not only looked better than the competitors but the design, the components used and build quality was further verified and exceeded my expectations when I received my step through model. Shipment was great (no damages during shipment) and delivery was way quicker than I expected. After more than a hundred miles on the odometer riding in different load conditions and terrain, I must say ZuGo fulfills and exceeds all my requirements for someone who likes to take long distance rides for exercise and recreation without the aches and pain that folks in our 60’s such as myself may experience with a normal bike."