Kryptonite Keeper Key - ZuGo Bike
Kryptonite Keeper Key - ZuGo Bike

Kryptonite Keeper Key

Kryptonite - Keeper Integrated Chain

Keeper Integrated Chain Lock

The Keeper Integrated Chain Lock combines the power of a U-lock with the flexibility of a cable while offering moderate security for your e-bike. This chain lock's patented design with a directly connected chain and hardened shackle eliminates security-critical transition from chain to separate lock.

It has a high-security disc lock cylinder with reinforced anti-drilling and anti-twist protection.

The chain links are covered with a weather-resistant nylon cover to protect your e-bike's painted finish against scratches and protect the lock during extreme weather conditions.

Protect your ZuGo E-Bike against theft during stops in metropolitan, rural, and suburban areas. Your ZuGo E-Bike deserves to be safe and secure. In addition to this robust e-bike lock, check out ZuGo Siren to scare off potential thieves.


  • 7mm four-sided chain links made from 3T manganese steel
  • Patent-pending end link design secures chain to hardened deadbolt eliminating critical vulnerability
  • Hardened deadbolt design provides extra holding power
  • High security disc-style cylinder is pick and drill resistant
  • Blast-Resistance (for withstanding bumps) 
  • Durable weather-resistant nylon sleeve prevents scratches


  • Diameter: 7mm
  • Weight (Keeper 785): 3.50 lbs (1.59 kg)
  • Weight (Keeper 712): 3.75 lbs (1.70 kg)
  • Dimension (Keeper 785): 2`9.5/85.09 cm
  • Dimension (Keeper 712): 4`/121.92 cm

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