ZuGo 15Ah Battery
ZuGo 15Ah Battery

ZuGo 15.6Ah Battery

Standard 15.6Ah (750 Wh) 30-60 Miles

Ride further with ZuGo15AH Battery

You're only limited by the distance you can ride, but sometimes you want to pedal further than ever. With a backup 15AH battery from ZuGo, you'll conquer new trails and have endless adventures.

ZuGo Battery 15AH

STANDARD 15.6AH (750 WH) 30-60 MILES

Extended rides, unstoppable fun

ZuGo Battery 15AH is your ticket to exploring new trails and having endless adventures. Enjoy longer rides with confidence knowing you have extended power to get you through more destinations. 

The ZuGo 15 AH Battery fits snugly beneath your e-bike seat and can be locked in place with your key. To remove, simply unlock with the key, locate the handle underneath the batter back, and pull. There is no wire and no complicated instructions.

And just like that, you can now ride farther whenever and wherever you want! Be sure to bring your 15Ah ZuGo battery in your bag and prepare for a full-throttle experience on your next trip.

Are you ready to unlock more miles?

User Manual 

Here’s how easy you can attach a 15AH battery to your ZuGo

What’s in the box

  • 1 x Battery Pack 15AH

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