ZuGo Knobby Tire - Reflective Halo w/ Puncture Protection (20x4)
Rhino Knobby Tire - Reflective Halo with Puncture Protection (20x4) - ZuGo Bike

ZuGo Knobby Tire - REFLECTIVE HALO (20X4)


Smoother ride with Rhino Knobby Tire

Every day, riders come across different terrains: off-pavement, snowy or wet roads, and steep grades, among others.

Most off-road conditions, such as gravel, snow, and dirt/mud, increase the risk of stumbling into sharp objects or slick surfaces.

Have a safe and comfortable ride on different terrains and surfaces by having Rhino Knobby Tire for your precious e-bike!

Rhino Knobby Tire has an extra thread that provides more grip and resistance for your protection on hazardous terrains. Knobby Tires have better traction and rolling resistance and help maintain stability during your ride.

Further, it has a reflective halo for added safety and visibility, especially during night riding.

It even has superior puncture protection with ceramic embedded into the tires, decreasing the risk of nails and other sharp objects from puncturing your bike.

With Rhino Knobby Tire, you can now achieve a smoother ride and experience the pleasure of riding a bike!

  • Durably constructed for increased tire life span
  • Improved grip for a safer, more comfortable ride
  • Reflective halo for added safety and visibility at night
  • Feel the increased grip during wet conditions
  • Best, most comfortable, quietest, safest, long-lasting, knobby tires!

What’s in the box:

  • 1 x Rhino Knobby Tire - Reflective Halo (20X4)



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