Rhino Street Tire (20 x 4¼) - ZuGo Bike
Rhino Street Tire (20 x 4¼) - ZuGo Bike

ZuGo Street Tire

Street Tire (20 x 4¼)

PUMP up your ride w/ ZuGo Street Tires!

  • Superior puncture protection with ceramic embedded into the tires!
  • Increased tire life span
  • Fits 20 X 4 1/4 Wheel
  • Best Electric Bike Tire for the Streets!
  • Most comfortable, quietest, safest, long lasting, street tires! Our 5-Star Reviews say it all!

Pump up your Ride, pump it UP; Make my day!  *Sings TUNE*

That's right; Technotronic baby!  Who else remembers that JAM?  Either you just got Aged, you're THAT HIP, or BOTH!  Whatever it is, Own it, and PUMP up your RIDE already!  Go BIG or Go Home, as they say here in Texas!

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