Rhino Phone Holder - ZuGo Bike
Rhino Phone Holder - ZuGo Bike

ZuGo Phone Holder

Securely mount your phone and access your favorite apps.

Easily access your phone while riding

Taking your smartphone on a bike ride may seem easy, but finding a good place for it can be tricky. Sure, you can try to hold it while riding (can you, though?), but that calls for a disaster! And a generic, flimsy phone holder isn't going to hold up pretty well, either.

ZuGo Phone Holder is designed to fit your Rhino handlebar and easily secure your phone.

Ride farther and confidently, knowing your phone is securely in place even on rough terrain. Easily access your smartphone and turn it into an e-bike dashboard using apps and maps while riding.

Need to snap a quick photo of your view? Slide your phone from the holder with one hand, take a photo, and then place it back in place. It's that simple and easy.

  • Adjustable, waterproof, anti-corrosion
  • Mounts directly to Rhino handlebar
  • Compatible with standard-sized apple & android phones
  • Securely attaches your phone for easy mobile access
Technical specs:


What’s in the box:

  • 1x ZuGo Phone Holder

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