5 Reasons Why

You Should Make the Switch From Skateboards to E-Bikes

You Should Make the Switch From Skateboards to E-Bikes


You Never Forget How To Ride A Bike

E-Bikes are just as easy to ride as a regular bicycle. Peddle and go as fast as you want. However, with all the different sizes and styles of skateboards, it can be a little difficult to keep yourself steady and fast.


E-Bikes Are Way Faster Than Skateboards

A skateboard will only reach an average speed of 18 mph. ZuGo Bike can reach an astounding 28 mph, leaving the skateboard rider in the dust.


A Skateboard Can't Handle Those Tough Roads

A skateboard will limit you to only smooth, paved concrete. With all-terrain tires, an e-bike will get you anywhere you want to go. Whether you want to ride a mountain trail or through tough gravel, your e-bike won't slow you down.


Ride For 90 Miles On A Single Charge

ZuGo Bike can run for up to 90 miles on a single charge. That beats all manual and electric skateboards, and any other e-bike on the market!


Pay with Klarna

Klarna allows you to split up your payments into easy, monthly installments. Risk-free with no harm done to your wallet, and now you have a cool, fast e-bike.

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